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At Ashley High School active science is taught which involves students being actively involved in lessons to cater for all different styles of learning. At Key Stage 3 the whole of the National Curriculum is delivered. Making use of interactive books and activities in the fully equipped Science lab, the curriculum is made accessible for all students. The use of Widgit symbols, visual prompts and when necessary 1:1attention ensures all students access the curriculum at their own level.

The students have access to laptops in lessons to develop research skills and the lab and classrooms are fitted with interactive board for group activities.

The teaching of KS3 National Curriculum ensures all students who have the ability can achieve Double award GCSE Science at KS4. For students for which GCSE is inappropriate, the AQA Entry Level course is designed to meet their needs. Not only does it provide a stepping stone to GCSE but also meets the requirements of the KS4 programme of study for Science.

The skills, knowledge and understanding are relevant and transferable in both education and career settings.

Students are encouraged to learn independently as much as possible. To facilitate this GCSE students are provided with revision guides.

Students at Ashley High School are provided with a learning environment in which the highest levels can be attained by the students, enabling them to follow a career in Science if they so wish.

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