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Preparing for Adulthood

In addition to the academic and vocational aspects of the 6th form curriculum, we will give students the skills needed for independence through our ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ programme:

Our Preparing for Adulthood programme is at the centre of everything we do. The aim is to equip our students with the essential tools and skills they need to lead a fulfilling adult life. We work closely with other local agencies and professionals to ensure that our students receive the best information and guidance to allow them to make well informed and realistic decisions about their future.

Good Health

Educating our young people how to take responsibility for, and manage, their own health and safety needs. They are taught how to manage their own health effectively and made aware of the importance of relationships, choice & consent and staying safe.

Independent Lives

Developing a wide range of knowledge and skills that will enable our young people to go on and live as independently as possible, from being safe in the home to managing finances to understanding different types of living arrangements and decision making.

Friends, Relationships & Community

With an emphasis on community participation, students are made aware of the facilities and services available in their local communities and how they can engage positively. Issues such as developing friendships, drugs & alcohol, use of social media, volunteering and knowing where to go for help and support are all addressed.

Employment & Careers 

Students are given the opportunity to build upon the strengths and interests highlighted in their own personal career plans. Through a mix of qualifications, work experience placements, careers adviser interviews, various employer talks and taster sessions, students will explore a range of different career and vocational areas. These include Catering, Business Administration, Retail, Construction, Hairdressing and Motor Vehicle.

We work closely with local colleges, training providers and other agencies to ensure students have an effective support network upon leaving the 6th form. College link courses, apprenticeship workshops, independent travel trainers and many support agencies all go towards ensuring a smooth transition into post-19 life, enabling students to reach their full potential.


If you have any questions regarding the Preparing for Adulthood programme please contact Mike Jones, Head of 6th Form




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