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Music is taught to all students at Key Stage 3. Students learn about different musical styles and have opportunity to play and experience a range of instruments including string, percussion, brass and keyboard. These include acoustic and electric guitar, ukelele, banjo and bugle. Students are given the opportunity to compose, perform and develop their understanding of a wide range of musical genres such as classical, contemporary, folk and world music. Additionally, students are encouraged to take part in singing and performing activities. Off site visits have included Liverpool Philharmonic Hall to experience a full orchestra and a visit to a local recording studio to record their own fanfare composition. 

In Year 7, students develop their understanding of music within a number of topics such as Instruments of the Orchestra, Composing (creating and developing musical skills) and The Elements (musical representations). 

In Years 8 and 9, they gain knowledge and understanding of African Music and extend their learning and musical skills further through the study of units such as Soundtracks, Musicals and Film.  All year groups are introduced to musical notation and throughout Key Stage 3 are able to develop their skills in reading and writing music.

Within Music, students are able to develop skills of team work and independence, working both collaboratively and individually to express their own musical and creative ideas. One to one or small group lunchtime tuition sessions are available for guitar, ukelele and keyboard.

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