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ASDAN Certificate/Award of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE/AoPE) or Personal Development Programme (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

The Certificate/Award of Personal Effectiveness is a nationally recognised qualification outcome of the ASDAN programmes. Students who are not quite ready for CoPE, follow a similar programme called the Personal Development Programme, where they are awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates depending on the work completed. The modules promote a wide range of personal qualities, abilities and achievements of students, as well as introducing them to new activities and challenges.

The module titles may include:

  • Communication
  • Citizenship and Community
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Independent Living/Home Management
  • The Environment
  • Vocational and Diploma Preparation
  • Health and Fitness/Health & Survival
  • Work Related Learning and Enterprise/World of Work
  • Science and Technology
  • International Links/The Wider World
  • Expressive Arts
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Number Handling


Courses that may be offered:

  • ASDAN Personal Development Programme – Bronze, Silver, Gold Award
  • AoPE – Level 1/2
  • CoPE – Level 1/2

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